Pinnacle Group aims to lead its business to new heights of success by reorganising our business structure in a way that maximises our integrated capacity and capability and, in the process, better responds to the changing needs of Local Authority partners. 

The Group traces its origins back to 1994 when Government introduced competition into the provision of housing management services, and continues to manage over 17,500 social homes on behalf of Local Authorities across the UK.

Since these early days, Pinnacle Group has expanded into a family of community-facing businesses providing integrated investment and comprehensive service solutions in partnership, most notably, with Local Authority clients.

Pinnacle invests in communities – their creation or regeneration and their ongoing management and maintenance.

We recognise that the lifeblood of any community is the people, and that successful regeneration must pay equal attention to the social, economic and physical fabric of a community over the long term. We believe at the heart of successful community investment is a “stewardship” approach underpinned by long-term, end-to-end active involvement in day to day service delivery.Jim Saunders, Group Director of Business Development

Unlike traditional developers and housebuilders, Pinnacle’s focus on long-term service provision means we ‘build to stay’ and see ourselves, first and foremost, as long-term community builders. The key driver for Pinnacle, in partnership with Local Authorities, is to create communities where people choose to live and, as a consequence, where investors want to invest.

In June last year Starwood Capital Group and Tunstall Asset Management, alongside existing senior management, acquired Pinnacle Group.

This change of ownership is a moment of significant opportunity. Our new shareholders bring substantial capital resources to invest in communities and support the growth of Pinnacle. They also bring considerable global expertise and skill in the financing and operation of large-scale, housing-led regeneration projects.Perry Lloyd, Group Chief Executive

Pinnacle’s new shareholders are fully supportive of the need for the Pinnacle Group offer to remain clearly distinguishable from the competition by building on our key differentiator; namely, the long-term focus on the integration of investment alongside operational delivery.

We firmly believe now is an opportune time to reach out to the growing number of Local Authorities who acknowledge the delivery of housing growth within tight funding and resource constraints is best achieved by entering into partnering arrangements with suitably qualified and reputable private sector partners, with built-in delivery capacity.

Pinnacle’s recent structure reorganisation is central to being able to respond to long-term partnering opportunities with Local Authorities and has been designed around three core delivery divisions:

CREATE invests in and develops new communities as well as transforming existing communities through regeneration.

SUSTAIN provides high quality, integrated services and delivers the local jobs that communities need to be truly sustainable.

SUPPLY designs, builds and operates the future-proofed community infrastructure and utilities that a community needs to perform effectively.

Each division relates to a complementary, community-facing business activity. As an investor-operator, Pinnacle’s prime community offer is comprehensive, fully integrated and seamless; delivering joined-up outcomes which draw on the expertise of each strategic pillar of Group activity. In addition, each division of the business makes its own granular offers to the market and, in the process, provides ‘platform’ relationships from which the broader Pinnacle Group offer can be built.

With new shareholders and an integrated delivery platform now firmly in place, Pinnacle Group are in a prime position to work in close partnership with Local Authorities to deliver transformational change. Most notably, Local Authorities who seek to address on-going funding pressures through a commitment to sustainable, revenue-generating housing growth that fundamentally recognises the need to combine substantial capital investment with a long-term focus on comprehensive and joined-up service delivery.

Jim Saunders



Jim Saunders is Group Director of Business Development

First published in The MJ, 25th January 2018.