Courtney Macdougall

Business Development Manager

When did you join Pinnacle and what is your role?

I joined Pinnacle in Spring 2020 and I am a Business Development Manager for Pinnacle Power.

Why did you want to join Pinnacle’s Armed Forces Network?

I think it provides a great opportunity for those of us working in Pinnacle to meet like-minded people who will have shared the experiences and challenges of having a partner serving in the Armed Forces.

What was your partners role in the armed forces?

He is a Captain in the Royal Engineers, based at RAF Wyton.

What do you get from the Network?

There is a great sense of community and support.

What would you say to others considering joining the network?

Do it! It’s a great way to meet others from other areas of Pinnacle who have an appreciation and an understanding of life within the military.

Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share?

Gareth and I share a Newfoundland dog called ‘Momo’ (which means ‘dumpling’ in Nepali) – he is the first Newfoundland dog on camp.