Katie Duff

Digital Product Owner

When did you join Pinnacle and what is your role?

I joined in September 2021 as a Digital Product Owner working on the Metering & Billing system the With Energy & Loka websites and the Pinnacle Power website.

Why did you want to join Pinnacle’s Armed Forces Network?

I come from a military family and have seen how hard the transition from military to civilian life can be. I believe Pinnacle offers real opportunities for veterans and those just leaving the military.

What was your partners role in the armed forces?

He was in the Air Force and was a Parachute Jump Instructor.

What do you get from the Network?

I sell poppies every year but wanted to do more so joining the Network has given me the opportunity to do this. I’m proud to work for a company that is working so hard to support our Armed Forces & Veterans.

What would you say to others considering joining the network?

It’s a great opportunity to work with colleagues from across the Group who have shared military connections.

Any interesting facts about yourself you’d like to share?

I’m a huge James Bond fan and already have my tickets for the next movie.