Following UK Government announcements relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are adhering to all measures introduced to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities through the implementation of appropriate policies and procedures across our business. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been classified by the World Health Organisation as a pandemic; meaning a worldwide spread of a new disease. Whilst we are seeing it increasingly impact upon our daily lives, at Pinnacle we are working as hard as we possibly can to ensure that we continue to provide vital services to  our communities in such a way that we ensure our customers remain safe within their communities, our colleagues are safeguarded and our supply chain partners are supported.  

Our Business Continuity Plans reflect the most recent statements from Government and include implementing clear guidelines for our employees. These guidelines cover support and advice for anyone in self-isolation or working from home and issuing instructions on following safe hygiene practises across our business. It is very much our hope that we can continue to maintain the high levels of service our clients and customers expect whilst minimising the risk of infection.

Pinnacle Group’s senior management team convene every day to coordinate our responses, in conjunction with our local delivery teams, whilst continuously reviewing and updating Business Continuity Plans for every one of our contracts. We are in regular contact with our clients to understand their needs and to coordinate any changes that are needed as a result of revised Government guidance.

The situation remains very fast moving and the next few weeks will most likely be very testing for us all. Our response to minimising disruption, therefore, will be regularly reviewed, updated and communicated through our website. 

On behalf of the Pinnacle senior management team I would like to thank our colleagues for all their hard work and dedication and also thank our clients and customers for their patience and understanding in these challenging times.

Peregrine Lloyd,
Chief Executive Officer

Working to ensure our customers remain safe in their communities

Almost everything we do at Pinnacle Group, for example the cleaning of communal areas, is rightly considered to be an essential front line service. Accordingly, Pinnacle teams across the UK continue to work around the clock to ensure that our customers receive front line services in their communities whilst we adhere to Government guidance and social distancing measures.  

While appreciating the current situation is challenging for our customers, we continue to advise everyone to strictly follow Government guidance. Due to all face-to-face meetings having to be postponed – to be re-arranged in the future – we recommend that customers either phone or email our staff rather than attending the site offices.

Safeguarding our colleagues

We place our people at the heart of what we do and we are taking measures to ensure our colleagues remain protected in the coming weeks and months. We provide daily support to our cleaning, grounds maintenance and concierge colleagues who by necessity will need to continue to be based on site. They are fully supplied with effective cleaning and disinfectant products and the necessary personal protection equipment to undertake their tasks. All our site-based staff are being carefully managed in order that they can comply with our instruction to maintain strict self-distancing policies in relation to both our customers and their own colleagues. Our office-based colleagues have been instructed to work from home and have been provided with the necessary technology and equipment to enable them to continue to carry out their duties.

Supporting our Supply Chain Partners

As part of our ongoing business continuity planning, in conjunction with our clients, we continue to apply a flexible and highly responsive approach to our service delivery. This approach includes ongoing dialogue with our supply chain partners to ensure that our customers continue to receive the commitment to service that Pinnacle Group prides itself on. If you are a supplier to the Pinnacle Group and would like to receive more information, please get in touch.

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