Case Study

In June 2006, Pinnacle were appointed by Castle Point Borough Council as their Public Realm Street Scene contractor. We have subsequently been successful in retaining this contract in 2013 and 2022.

The Grounds Maintenance services are borough-wide and include extensive grass, hedge, verge cutting across the public realm, park maintenance, sports pitch maintenance including maintenance & renewal of equipment and cemetery maintenance.

Our dedicated team provide these services throughout the year, which is supplemented by additional staff during the spring and summer months. Local teams are divided to ensure comprehensive service delivery within designated areas such as major roads, residential estates, cemeteries, parks, and sports fields. Our organisational structure ensures each team is fully accountable and takes ownership of quality of their work within their assigned neighbourhood.

Other duties also include street cleaning, which covers open spaces (including cemeteries and decommissioned churchyards), public and community facilities, beachfront cleaning, residential land, parking lots, relevant highways, and recycling centres.

We deploy Jobwatch workforce management system to schedule, track and inspect service delivery to ensure consistent delivery of services across the Borough. This enables us to provide accurate performance information in real time to provide valuable management data and insights to work with our client to continuously service delivery.