Integrated Leasehold Management services for Freeholders, Developers, Housing Associations and Residents’ Management Companies.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Property management of complex multi-phased developments.
  • Service charge consultancy and management.
  • In-house financial and legal specialists.
  • Institutional-grade asset management and technical services.
  • Health and safety assessment and management.
  • Compliance and audit.

Part of our unique approach to Property Management is our self-delivery.

The benefits of using our own directly employed staff are:

  • Local delivery of services from within the Community. Many of the team work in the same area as where they live, further enhancing the feeling of ‘community’ and reinvesting in the local area.
  • Increased on-site engagement, trust, and communication. Everyone is part of one team and working closely with the same approach, values, and vision.
  • More agile service delivery, quicker to respond to the changing needs of a Development.
  • Value for money guaranteed through the elimination of margin-on-margin cost.