Increasing the supply of high-quality, well-managed Affordable homes across England & Wales.

Pinnacle Spaces Limited is a Registered Provider of Affordable Housing. It is 100%-owned by Pinnacle Group and was registered with the Regulator of Social Housing on 29th March 2012.

Pinnacle Spaces has a simple aim: to increase the supply of high-quality, well-managed Affordable Housing across England & Wales which meets net zero standards within a manageable timescale.

This aim will be achieved through a unique combination of access to large-scale funding from our own shareholders and other third-party investors alongside effective utilisation of Pinnacle Group’s tried & tested operating platform that has been providing best-in-class housing management services to local authorities since 1996.

Pinnacle Spaces portfolio of Affordable homes is secured in the following ways:

  • Acquisition of s106 new-build Affordable portfolios.
  • Acquisition of non-s106 new-build portfoilos that can be effectively re-purposed for Affordable housing.
  • Acquisition of existing Affordable housing portfolios.

Pinnacle Spaces’ current portfolio comprises 177 Affordable homes located in Lewisham and Slough. We also have a pipeline of  a further 173 homes due for handover in 2023.