Pinnacle plays a pivotal role in the efficient income management of rental and leaseholder properties, offering a range of essential services. We have expertise in all types of residential and mixed-use development.

Our income management and financial planning services includes:  

  • Rent and service charge billing and collection.
  • Service charge budgets.
  • Capex forecasts and collection strategies.
  • Estate management procurement budgets.
  • Fully costed and index linked planned maintenance programmes.
  • Service charge void and developer contribution budgets.
  • Heat network set-up and operating budgets.

Our experience and expertise provides assurance and peace of mind.

  • Setting Rents: From setting competitive rental rates through meticulous market research to crafting effective marketing strategies across various platforms.
  • Tenant screening, undertaking thorough background checks, credit assessments, and rental history verifications to secure reliable occupants.
  • Lease preparation is meticulous, guaranteeing clarity, legality, and compliance with legislation and regulations.
  • Rent and service charge collection service is seamless, we have dedicated, centralised professional teams who manage the entire process, deploying latest technology for accurate and timely collection of payments.
  • Reporting: Detailed financial reports summarising property income and expenses, enabling owners to track their investment performance.