The following companies have a registered office of 8th Floor, Holborn Tower, 137-144 High Holborn, London WC1V 6PL.

Company Name Company Number
AM Services Group Ltd 04788424
AM Services Holdings Ltd 09995237
Captus Metering Ltd 12842290
Meadowship Homes LLP OC437261
MY8 Development LLP OC373407
Nova Power Ltd 08122646
Orchard & Shipman Group Ltd 04693323
Orchard & Shipman Homes Ltd 07532748
Orchard & Shipman Residential Ltd 02192106
Pinnacle Connect Ltd 04765810
Pinnacle FM Ltd 01040529
Pinnacle Fund LLP OC382618
Pinnacle Fund Management Ltd 12016502
Pinnacle Group Ltd 04240859
Pinnacle Higgins LLP OC388925
Pinnacle Housing Ltd 02246643
Pinnacle Investments (Holdings) Ltd 09874825
Pinnacle People Ltd 06588740
Pinnacle Placemaking Ltd 08777384
Pinnacle Power Ltd 08331646
Pinnacle PSG Holdings Ltd 05735973
Pinnacle PSG Ltd 05156904
Pinnacle Recruitment (Services) Ltd 06832740
Pinnacle Spaces Ltd 07760630
PP ESCO (Circus St) Ltd 13019389
PP ESCo (Clapham Park) Ltd 12229172
PP ESCO DivisionCo Ltd 13275098
PP ESCO Holdco Ltd 12439951
PP ESCO (Springfield) Ltd 12243539
PP New ESCO HoldCo Ltd 13278503
Regenter Ltd 04401853
Regenter Management Services Ltd 04420874
UKPIM Holdco Ltd 05149533
Woking Housing Partnership Ltd 07932237

The following companies have a registered office of Clifford House Cooper Way, Parkhouse, Carlisle, United Kingdom, CA3 0JG.

Company Name Company Number
Grain Communications Ltd 07308930
Grain Connect Ltd 10285348
Grain Online Management Ltd 08180523
Grain Connect Midco Ltd 13613509
Grain Connect Topco Ltd 13609252

The following companies have a registered office of 1 Langston Road, Loughton, IG10 3SD.

Company Name Company Number
Myatt's Field Development LLP OC373429
Oval Quarter Developments Ltd 07875412

The following companies have a registered office of The Power House Gunpowder Mill, Powdermill Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1BN.

Company Name Company Number
Logic Homes Ltd 05225956
Logic Stevenage LLP OC342869

The following company has a registered office of 2nd Floor One Eagle Place, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 6AF.

Company Name Company Number
TStar Pinnacle Ltd 10757654