Case Study

Pinnacle delivers Total FM services to 10 primary schools in Leeds. Ou objective is to create safe, welcoming, and conducive learning environments for children.

We take pride in our close working relationship with every school and the added social value we bring to their wider communities. Our team of over 100 dedicated staff members, serving a total of 4,000 pupils, consistently strive to integrate additional social value into our core service provision. In recognition of our efforts, the project was awarded the Gold Award for the Best Operational Project at the annual Public Private Partnership Awards in 2019.

In addition to our regular services, we actively contribute to improving children’s wellbeing and learning experiences. This includes donating goods and dedicating our spare time to assist in various initiatives. We also support the wider community directly and through local organisations which has included Christmas donation appeals, sponsored sports tournaments, and the ‘Give Your Time’ appeal, where our staff members pledge their time and expertise to support community organisations.