Case Study

Myatts Field North was an isolated and heavily stigmatised housing estate built in the early 1970s in a poorly conceived ‘Radburn’ layout and was considered one of the most hard-to-let residential communities in London.

Pinnacle, in partnership with London Borough of Lambeth and local residents, undertook a radical remodelling and master planning process that delivered 808 new homes (357 for private sale, 247 for social rent, 146 shared ownership and 58 re-provided homes) and refurbished 172 existing homes. In this way we not only doubled the housing capacity but also ensured a balanced, sustainable tenure mix of market and affordable homes. This was achieved with a net gain of affordable housing.

The 980-home masterplan proposals included the demolition of unpopular and poorly designed and constructed “spine” blocks; the retention and refurbishment of popular lower-rise housing; delivery of twice the number of new homes; one of the largest new parks in London; an award-winning community centre and a combined heat and power (“CHP”) system.

Critically, at the heart of this award-winning housing-led regeneration project was a neighbourhood management model underpinned by the principles of successful place management including integrated community stewardship, partnership with all community stakeholders, customer focus and multi-channel digital service capacity and capability.

The principles guiding our approach are firmly grounded in effective place management, emphasising the importance of community stewardship and the delivery of customer-focused, multi-channel digital services in accordance with our long-term, integrated Neighbourhood Management contract. This approach has proved highly successful, as evidenced by the transformation of Myatts Field North into a thriving, interconnected community.