Weekly Update: Tuesday 22nd March

Kilometres walked so far

Time remaining:



Progress towards overall distance of 944km per team.

AMSG Greg’s Sausage Strolls
1,469.4km – 156%
Wickford Wanderers
1,261km – 134%
The Proclaimers
1,184km – 125%
White Lotus
1,041km – 110%
The Procurement Plodders
1,018km – 108%
Run HR Run
1,016km – 108%
Bev's Golden Boys
1,008km – 107%
NLS Steady and Mighty
826km 88%
Dashing Dashboards
804km 85%
Misfits Marching
789km 84%
Walkers Original
742km 79%
The Zimmers
692km 73%
Red Hot Chilli Steppers
660km 70%
Chafing the Dream
641km 68%
Walking the Walk
600km 64%
Moving Homes
587km 62%
Power Puffs
544km 58%
These HR Boots Are Made For Walking
512km 54%

Fantastic work by all 18 teams this week!

Big congratulations to AMSG Greg’s Sausage Strolls, Wickford Wanderers, The Proclaimers, White Lotus, The Procurement Plodders, Run HR Run and Bev’s Golden Boys for all completing the target of 944km! 

Good luck in Week Four!