Wednesday 23rd December

In the run up to the 2020 festive season, Pinnacle has worked with several local organisations, such as the Trussell Trust, Lambeth Larder and Blenheim Gardens’ resident management to alleviate hardship in Lambeth.

This year, Pinnacle Group has reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to Londoners suffering hardship during the festive season and, along with its partners, it and its team members have:

  • Donated a total of £3,500 to Trussell Trust and local community food banks across Lambeth;
  • Volunteered their time, logistics chain and expertise to the local groups undertaking this work in Lambeth; and,
  • Erected and donated Christmas trees and a light installation in Clapham Park, Lambeth.

Pinnacle supported two Trussell Trust food banks in Lambeth, Norwood and Brixton and Clapham Park, to help the local community. The Trussell Trust operates a food bank network that provided 1,900,122 three-day emergency food supplies across the UK in 2019/2020.

The Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, located at St Margaret’s Church, requested Pinnacle’s support to deep clean the church’s halls that are being used by food bank volunteers considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Pinnacle’s team cleaned these halls and will provide sanitorial services for the days that volunteer teams are working, alongside a final tidy up and sterilisation of the facilities in late December. Pinnacle has also donated £500 to this fantastic effort by the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, as well as a further £500 to Clapham Park food bank.

“Eight members of the team volunteered their time at the Clapham Park Food Bank to wrap gifts, pack food hampers, pre-pack boxes with treats and sort food donations. We also donated and erected Christmas trees and light installations in Clapham Park. Alongside this effort, Pinnacle donated to this remarkable food bank, which alone feeds over 1800 people and distributed 20,000kgs of food in 2019.”
Grant Seward
Area Manager

Pinnacle also supported the Oasis Community Hub, Waterloo, by volunteering five vans to distribute pre-packed support parcels destined for deprived housing and hostels across Lambeth. Pinnacle contributed £500 to this food bank’s effort, which will support it providing 500 food and gift hampers. Separate to this work with and support to the Trussell Trust, Pinnacle also supported Lambeth Larder.

Pinnacle has also donated £500 to the Blenheim Gardens’ resident management organisation’s (RMO) Floating Food Bank, alongside a further £500 for its hardship fund that will support school clothing for local children. This donation to RMO was matched by Martin Vitera, a sanitorial chemicals and Pinnacle supplier, which kindly donated £250 to both the food bank and the hardship fund.

Pinnacle recognises that food poverty and hardship is a serious issue in the UK and, as a leading facilities management firm, it understands that it has an important role to play in the communities that it serves. It was grateful for the opportunity to assist and support the Trussell Trust, Lambeth Larder and Blenheim Gardens’ RMO and their work with local communities.

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