Thursday 26th January

A new report detailing a series of key ESG pledge successes has been published by Pinnacle Group, highlighting the company’s progress across the four key pillars of its ESG Framework.

The company’s 2022 ESG impact report, covers its achievements in a range of areas, including sustainability, community impact, nurturing its team and being a responsible business. 

Leading successes were found in Pinnacle’s ‘Protect our Planet’ pillar, where there was a 12% year-on-year reduction in tonnes of carbon emitted per employee, and a 583% increase in the number of electric vehicles in its fleet. 

There were also key improvements in its ‘People & Culture’ area, with a 33% growth in FTE employee numbers and an impressive 141 people undertaking leadership and development training – an increase of 292% from the previous year’s figures. 

The report also details areas in which Pinnacle has helped individuals in the communities it serves, recording 192 instances where the company supported residents that had faced financial barriers, and 33 further residents receiving employment training. 

“This is a significant report and one that as a business we are incredibly proud to publish. This is our first ESG impact report and it highlights the significant progress made across our ESG Framework, delivering increased transparency regarding how our community, people and sustainability focused company values permeate throughout our business operations.

“Pinnacle has long recognised the importance of ESG to all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, and the communities where we live and work. I would like to congratulate our teams for all of the actions and progress made in each of these areas illustrated throughout the report.”
Peregrine Lloyd
Pinnacle Group Chief Executive

Alongside the headline statistics, the report also details Pinnacle’s key ongoing initiatives, including responsible procurement of chemical-free cleaning products in collaboration with supplier BUNZL, and the company’s partnership with Planet First Energy, a social value enterprise and green energy broker, to help manage its transition to green energy.

“Over the last year, our teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that the key pillars of our ESG Framework are delivered upon. There is a real feeling of collective responsibility across the business, and this is crucial in ensuring that we can continue to deliver great service to the communities we serve while remaining a responsible and ethical business.” 
Paul de Kock
Head of Projects

These initiatives follow on from Pinnacle’s ‘Plan to Net Zero’, which was released earlier this year and last year and detailed how the business is approaching achieving carbon net zero across all emissions by 2035. 

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