Case Study

The Bentilee Hub, located in the residential community of Stoke-on-Trent, is a joint public service centre owned by the NHS and Local Authority.

The hub was established to address the challenges faced by the local community, historically marked by anti-social behaviour and deprivation. With support and investment from Government, the hub functions as an epicentre for community activities, services, and job creation. The primary goal of the Bentilee Hub is to foster a sense of pride, unity, and wellness among local residents.

The Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre, an integral part of the hub, accommodates local housing offices, a library, an NHS drop-in centre, comprehensive primary care facilities, community use rooms, and a variety of local shops.

As the operator of the Neighbourhood Centre, Pinnacle is committed on a long-term contractual basis to delivering superior neighbourhood management services including reception, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, security, and grounds maintenance. Our portfolio of services also extends to specialist and clinical cleaning, necessary for the extensive health facilities present within the Centre.

We understand the complexities of managing a facility that is shared by multiple landlords, each offering different services to the community. Our approach is strategic and collaborative, ensuring that the diverse needs of all community stakeholders, staff and customers are met without compromising on quality.