Case Study

Pinnacle and The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle have worked in collaboration since 2013.

Initially assigned the responsibilities of maintaining the cleanliness and security of the centre, its management suite, and car park, the scope of our services have broadened over time to help cultivate an atmosphere of superior customer service within the Shopping Centre.

The Lanes Shopping Centre attracts an estimated 11 million customers annually. It accommodates over 70 shops, including leading retail names such as Primark, Next, Monsoon, and New Look, complemented by a selection of niche stores. It also has a 600 space car park located on top of the centre. It functions all seven days of the week, all year round, living up to its motto that ‘shopping has never been simpler.’

Our team delivers a flexible resources model to ensure there is always sufficiently skilled trained staff on site at all times, increasing staff numbers during busy peak times and seasons, scaling down resources during less active times. We have been able to retain all staff members, maintaining effective shift management and absence controls.

Our team also assists with fire and evacuation procedures, risk assessments, accident reporting, awareness of asbestos and Legionella, first aid, building inspections, and mechanical and waste management equipment checks. We also offer counter-terrorism and health and safety advice.

“The Pinnacle team is very much a part of our team. We work as one and take a great pride in the shopping centre. This one team approach works very well when maintaining standards and looking after our customers as part of our day-to-day activity but really comes into its own when setting up our marketing and charity events.”
— David Jackson, Commercial Director, The Lanes