Friday 15th December

To celebrate the success of our team, on December 12th we held our annual awards ceremony, this year renamed to The Pinnacle Impact Awards, held at the Victory Services Club in London.

More than 160 Pinnacle Group employees attended the event, which was held in recognition of the hard work of Pinnacle colleagues throughout 2023.

On the night, a total of 34 finalists were celebrated from across all areas of the business, and over seven different award categories, designed to champion both teams and individuals. The nominations were all made by colleagues, who were encouraged to submit those who uphold Pinnacle’s core values of trust, respect, involve, challenge and deliver excellence.

Peregrine Lloyd, Chief Executive at Pinnacle Group, said: “The Impact Awards show our appreciation for colleagues who have embodied the spirit of what it means to be a Pinnacle employee. This year, it was wonderful to celebrate such inspiring achievements and recognise those who have positively impacted the communities we serve.” 

Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists and winners!

Employee of the Year​ - Abby Corker

One of the most highly anticipated awards of the evening is the Employee of the Year award. Each of our finalists is truly an asset to Pinnacle and we were thrilled to name Pinnacle Service Families, Helpdesk Team Leader Abby Corker, as the winner.

In her short time in the business, Abby has transformed the level of service and has also designed and written training packages for the service, supporting the team with coaching and mentoring as well as carrying out charity work, alongside challenging personal circumstances.

Congratulations to Abby and our other Employee of the Year Award finalists who have all achieved so much:

  • Jenny Davies – AMSG Assistant Soft Services Support Manager
  • Garry Price – FM Security Supervisor
  • Shenka Pitts – Service Delivery Helpdesk Administrator
  • Mark Varley – Supervisor on our FM Team
  • Adrian Przybylski – Lead Caretaker on one of our Total FM Schools contracts
  • Laurie Bone – FM Assistant Technical Services Manager
  • Helen Regan – Housing Support Officer, Homes
  • Hazel Joslin – Property Manager, Homes
  • Anjali Patel – Marketing Executive

Manager of the Year - Jo Kerry

Manager of the Year is awarded for exemplary leadership and consistent dedication to creating a positive work environment for their team, which is aligned to the Group’s values. This year’s winner was Jo Kerry, Head of Customer Experience, at Pinnacle Service Families.

Jo joined Pinnacle Service Families 12 months ago and quickly set up an initiative to challenge individuals within PSF to support the reduction of issues, whilst also looking at the compensation process and introducing a new system to make compensation payments simple and quick.

Congratulations to Jo and our other Manager of the Year Award finalists:

  • Alexandra Agudelo – Area Housing Manager on our PFI Team
  • Paul Marshall – Hard FM Manager
  • Minal Hasiza – Contract Manager on our University of Hertfordshire contract
  • Graham Harbron – FM Contract Manager
  • Deborah Kiely – FM Contract Manager

Team of the Year - University of Hertfordshire

The Team of the Year is awarded for the demonstration of exceptional teamwork, innovation, and outstanding results that align with the Group’s values and objectives. A huge well done to the University of Hertfordshire team on winning this year’s Team of the Year award.

Over the last 12 months, each team member has performed brilliantly both as individuals and as a team, fully embodying the Pinnacle values to achieve the position they are in today.

Congratulations to the University of Hertfordshire Team our other Team of the Year Award finalists:

  • Myatts Field North Grounds Maintenance Team
  • Toyota Deeside Team
  • Pinnacle Service Families North Region Housing Team
  • Ebbsfleet Academy Catering Team
  • Pinnacle Service Families, Central Region Housing Team

Partnership Impact Award - Michael Cooper

The Partnership Impact Award recognises individuals or teams whose collaborative efforts have demonstrated exceptional impact, fostering strong internal or external partnerships and driving mutual shared success. Congratulations to Michael Cooper, Lifecycle & Variation Manager, for the Leeds & Kirklees Schools contract on winning the award. 

The partnership relationship that Michael has developed at our PFI Schools in Leeds and Kirklees is nothing short of outstanding, delivering 4 major extensions / variations in the last 2 years alone. 

Thanks to Michael, Pinnacle Group is seen by the Local Authority as a trusted partner delivering cost effective solutions in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) field.

Congratulations to Michael and our other Partnership Impact Award finalists:

  • Ewelina Ciachorowska – Soft FM Team
  • Leicester Homes Team

Customer Impact Award - Julie Impey

The Customer Impact Award is given for outstanding customer service, exceptional client relationships, positive feedback, innovative solutions, and contributions that enhance customer satisfaction. This year’s winner was Julie Impey, Community Manager, from our Homes division. 

Julie is truly at the front line of housing delivery, looking after a temporary accommodation facility called Newman Street. When new residents arrive, it is often a daunting experience, and Julie ensures everyone is warmly welcomed, offered clean bedding, kitchen utensils, clothes, and anything else that she has managed to get people or local businesses to donate.

Congratulations to Julie and our other Customer Impact Award finalists:

  • Michelle Lee – Catering Manager at our Leeds Schools contract
  • Pinnacle Service Families –  Compensation Team

Community Impact Award - Leeds Office Senior Management Team

The Community Impact Award is given for the demonstration of outstanding positive contributions to our communities, aligned with the Group’s ESG objectives. Well done to the Leeds Office Senior Management Team on winning the Community Impact Award.

This dedicated group of individuals have been at the forefront of community initiatives for many years, consistently demonstrating their commitment to improving the lives of those around them, while continuing to deliver our School’s PFI contracts.

The Senior Management Team would be the first to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of their teams, but they are the ones that truly make all this happen, year after year. Their tireless efforts, genuine care, and unwavering dedication to making a difference has left an indelible mark on our local communities.

Congratulations to Leeds Office Senior Management and our other Community Impact Award finalists:

  • North London Schools Team
  • Sam Mason – Community Development Manager

Commercial Impact Award - Anna Le Jehan

The Commercial Impact Award is given for significant contribution to the Group’s commercial success, including impactful business insights and initiatives. Well done to Anna Le Jehan, General Counsel on receiving the Commercial Impact Award. 

Anna’s exceptional understanding of contract creation is instrumental in Pinnacle’s commercial success, from protecting the business, to ensuring it is profitable.

From the smaller companies who may have little experience in procuring services to the large investment companies with teams of lawyers, Anna acts with complete professionalism, an outstanding amount of patience, and makes herself available, no matter what time of the day, to answer everyone’s questions.

Congratulations to Anna and our other Commercial Impact Award finalists:

  • Recruitment Team
  • Elliott Tainton – Solutions Developer

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