Monday 22nd June

Pinnacle Group, one of the UK’s leading facilities and property management service providers, have launched a Specialist COVID Cleaning Service to provide cost-effective antimicrobial surface protection using the latest electrostatic technology.

With the antiviral protection lasting for 25 days, the treatment ensures that corporate, office, residential, and school spaces are safe for use and remain sanitised even as surfaces are touched and used.

Traditional cleaning methods currently being used to tackle COVID-19 are ineffective because they deliver very small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray; resulting in uneven coverage. Conversely, Pinnacle’s electrostatic application delivers charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces and guarantee a complete disinfection coverage.

The product, which contains no harsh chemicals, provides a physical barrier to disrupt viruses attempting to cling onto surfaces. The cleaning process has been found to kill germs on the skin for up to 24 hours, even after washing, and can be applied to door handles, textiles and in dining environments.

Neil Fergus, Managing Director, FM, Pinnacle Group, said, “We are pleased to be able to respond quickly to the COVID-19 outbreak and introduce our Specialist COVID Cleaning Service as part of the UK’s recovery.  Our dedicated team and innovative cleaning practises are enabling organisations to support returns to work, school and play.”

Across the UK Pinnacle supports over 300,000 homes, 200 schools and 80 public buildings and this new COVID-secure cleaning service is being rolled out to a number of key contracts in the coming weeks. 

"Our dedicated team and innovative cleaning practises are enabling organisations to support returns to work, school and play."
Neil Fergus
Managing Director, FM

Waltham Forest Housing Association (WFHA) is one of the first housing associations in the UK to use the innovative technology at their head office.  Nicky Anderson, Operations Manager of WFHA said of the COVID Cleaning Service:

"As part of WFHA’s recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak we want to make sure that our staff and residents are comforted that we are using Pinnacle’s cutting-edge antiviral cleaning technology at our offices. The antimicrobial surface protection allows peace of mind that surfaces stay sanitised and safe for up to 25 days. Pinnacle, our long-term cleaning partner, provided an efficient and professional service. They did a fantastic job!”
Nicky Anderson
Operations Manager, Waltham Forest Housing Associati

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