Across our business, members of the Pinnacle team are going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the communities we serve continue to receive the best service possible through these testing times.

Every week, we will be paying tribute to our ‘Extra Milers’; recognising our colleagues who have gone the extra mile in carrying out their duties.

Extra Milers – 29th May

Victor Silva and Ciril Fernandes – Victor and Ciril received glowing praise from a resident this week, who got in touch to compliment the work they have done on their estate. They said: “the gardeners yesterday did a very good job on the estate, tidying up the ivy again at the back of Dan Bryant house and it’s much appreciated the hard work that your garden do on the estate.”


Tomas Marsh, Garry Maisey, Sudipa Kandel, Lee Charman – Lee, Tom, Sudipa and Garry, who work on our New Vision Homes contract in Woking have been working on the front line throughout the coronavirus crisis and have had to endure some emotional, aggressive and unreasonable behaviour from our residents. Throughout this challenging period they have worked together in a collaborative, innovative and productive way. They have handled some deeply personal issues around income management and arrears; dealing with extremely frightened residents who have never been unemployed before and with over 400  (and counting) residents who are trying to navigate the welfare benefits systems for the first time.


Amanda Nelson – Amanda joined the Canning Town team as Team Leader, Housing Management, in March, and hit the ground running. Joining at such a challenging time has really shown fantastic qualities. She has the ability to draw the best from her team, and has coordinated the Housing Managers to screen all of the vulnerable clients on the contract – no easy task!

Her calm, mentoring and motivational style have really made for a pleasant office and home working environment, and her sharing of knowledge and best practice have been really inspirational, not only to the new team members, but also to more seasoned professionals! She has really brought the whole team together at a time when we all need cohesion!

Michael Moseley and Fiona Bruce  – Michael, a Scarab Driver and Fiona, a Contract Administrator on the new Wandsworth Soft FM contract took quick action in response to a customer’s feedback this week. The resident felt their road cleaning was not up to scratch, and as a result Fiona and Michael mobilised to fix the problem. The customer described Fiona as “extremely helpful” and understood the cause, and was delighted to see Michael, who she said “is always helpful, polite and smiling”, on his sweeper only half an hour later. Both Fiona and Michael were described as a credit to Pinnacle Group, and “a cut above the average”.



Emmanuel and Miguel – Emmanuel and Miguel were nominated this week for the efforts and dedication that they put onto their work, making a valuable contribution to the communities when performing their duties. This has been noted by residents, in particular we have received positive feedback from an elderly Lady that has been very complementary in regards to their visits to a sheltered scheme. This compliment comes to show the importance of our services, and how much these are appreciated by the customers during these challenging times.



Helena AsamoahHelena’s work received praise from a customer this week, who got in touch to say: “what a brilliant job our cleaner has been doing during  lock down. She is always on duty cleaning and sweeping the stairs, also disinfecting the lifts and wiping buttons, door handles and buzzers. She also keeps the exterior clean and tidy and sweeping and bagging fallen leaves from trees.” Well done to Helena.

Ray Archer – Ray has worked exceptionally hard through the current crisis to ensure our clients continue to receive a quality service.  The bulk collection service running out of Wickford has been particularly challenging this month due to the fact households are producing more waste than normal coupled with the two bank holidays has meant the refuse is collected later than usual or not at all if there is an overspill, meaning the team are sometimes faced with what can seem like mountains of waste. Luckily they have had Ray on hand and within no time the bin areas are clear and residents can dispose of their waste correctly. 



Khalid Idahmed, Jason Papworth, Robert Waite & Jack Boyle – Khalid, Jason, Robert and Jack form the Reactive Cleaning service for Blue Light. The Reactive team have been a very important part of the blue light contract running as smoothly as possible. The team have been called for Covid-19 cleans 24/7 and ensured cells, vehicles, offices, ect. are back up and running as soon as possible for the Police. The team have been getting many verbal compliments about their hard work and the client’s from all areas have commented on how effective the Reactive team have been and how they are essential for the Police. 


Kate Moorey, Kathleen McWatt, Nicola Hall, Khalid Idahmed, Amy Carter, Debbie Walker, Kerry Thompson – Due to a Full Custody Suite opening next week due to Covid-19, the employees have all offered help with Overtime, working weekends, working over hours. This has meant we are able to provide cover for an additional building not in our contract fully due to the help and support of these employees for a minimum of 5 weeks. They are a credit to the company and I want to show my appreciation for all they do for me and the contract.

Extra Milers – 22nd May

Mandy Horrocks and Ann Murray – Many and Anne who work at Ralph Barlow Gardens in Birmingham received a compliment from the Client, Midland Heart this week praising the service they provide and the attitude with which they go about their work. The client said: “They have always been professional, caring and supportive of the scheme and the welfare of the residents – I cannot praised enough for the cleanliness of the scheme especially as RBG is an older building with residents who are deemed high risk. During this pandemic they have been brilliant in their approach to their work and have kept a high level of service to the scheme and the residents. They are both a credit to your organisation.”


Andy Black, Linda Pugh and Collette– Andy, Linda and Collette were the subject of personal letters from Riverside’s Executive Director of Care and Support, describing them as “true front line heroes”

They have all been working incredibly hard at their schemes doing extra duties so that the residents and staff are all save during the Coronavirus crisis, none of them have complained once about doing extra duties, they have each showed a continuing willingness to go the extra mile.

Adam Browne – Adam continues to go the extra mile. He has not only been out and about resolving issues not usually in his remit, such as helping clean and clear empty properties and deliver temporary cooking facilities, he has also been supporting WBC initiatives. He has volunteered to help with providing meals for the homeless. He has delivered over 100 meals to the homeless living in temporary accommodation in the local Travelodge. On top of that, Adam took it upon himself to deliver several plants that were going to waste from a local garden centre. He delivered them to a vulnerable elderly residents, who couldn’t thank him enough as it would help her during this difficult lockdown period.

These acts of kindness continue abound locally and our residents have been very appreciative, as has the client WBC.

Rachel Ollerton  – Rachel has really taken on her PA Housing site bringing it to a good standard. She has taken on the site head-on and has delivered and gone that extra mile every for every audit, improving the scheme. Residents have contacted our client to express their thanks for everything Rachel is doing at this scheme, saying “the cleaners are doing a really good job”.


Kingsley Akano – Kingsley works on the Canning Town contract as the Income Recovery Manager. Mainly working from home throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Kingsley has been maintaining an amazing record of collection, outperforming on every measure. 

He would be the first to admit that due to changing fortunes, increases in UC claims and arrears, it’s a challenging time for collections. However, due to his ability to adapt and find ways to enable income maximisation, and his can-do attitude, he is continuing to be the go to office where necessary for Income related enquiries. Tenants trust Kingsley and know he will help, puting them at ease as they discuss the often-difficult subject of rent.  With evictions and court actions on hold, Kingsley has adapted and refined his approach to find ways to enable the tenant to work with him to prevent homelessness – a win-win for all of us!

Extra Milers – 15th May

Patricia Robson-Lawler  – Patricia, who works on the Canning town PFI contract, in addition to her Housing Management duties, has assisted with the Vulnerable tenant calls, ensuring that all of our most vulnerable have everything they need during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Her calm and measured style has put their fears to rest and they’ve really appreciated her kindness. Always happy and cheerful, she’s brought a smile to many faces during this really difficult period – tenants and colleagues alike.

Solomon Saydee and Augusta Vieira ­– Solomon and Augusta were the subject of a complimentary email this week from the Mawbey Brough Tenants and Resident Association who wanted to pass on their thanks, praising what a great job they were doing in challenging times as they always have.

Amy Mills, Kate Moorey, Pete Moulds, Nicola Hall, Faye Thompson, Amy Carter, Kathleen McWatt – The Blue Light COVID-19 Cleaning Team have been exceptional in responding to short notice call outs within Police Stations covering all of Yorkshire. Their commitment at being called out at all times of the day to ensure offices are deep cleaned when a confirmed COVID-19 case has been call through is vital to keeping Police Stations operational.

Tony Manners – Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Tony has supported and managed his region and team consistently. He has assisted with approaching things from a different perspective, looking at things with fresh eyes and advising all the time while listening to his team’s ideas.

Words of encouragement as well as weekly calls to discuss potential issues and upcoming tasks has also helped the team work closer together.

Not only has Tony supported his team through weekly calls, but has contacted them personally on a one-to-one basis to see how each are coping through the different challenges everyone faces. Tony has attended client calls, discussions and advising on contractual matters to ensure Pinnacle continue providing the service through the ever-changing situation and guidance.

Through all of this he instils a sense of humour that keeps his team going. A team member said: “thank you Tony for your leadership and management, that we are then able to Cascade down to the front line to ensure continuation of Pinnacle Services.”

Maurico Ordonez  – Maurico, a cleaner working on the new Wandsworth cleaning contract in London, was the subject of a customer email this week, who wrote: “I live at Highcross Way Roehampton and I would like to compliment the new cleaner who has been cleaning the walkways. He has been working here for the past few weeks and has been doing a brilliant job. Sweeping up and collecting all the debris. I can’t praise him enough.”

Luke Whiley ­– was nominated for his positive attitude and willingness to help out the team. Luke underwent COVID-19 testing recently, following a short period of self-isolation as per government guidelines, so it is great to have him back with us fit and healthy following his negative result. In recent weeks, he has fully taken on board the new COVID-19 safety controls measures and approved procedures in completing our essential plant room services to ensure reliable delivery of heat to our customers. His timely, responsive action to reinstate heat delivery following plant breakdowns has been appreciated by the team and customers alike.

Nadine Jones and Donatella Querzoli Nadine and Donatella both received praise from their client, PA Housing, for their work at the Sheltered General Needs and Independent Living Scheme – Woolsey Buildings, Abbey Mills and Ross Walk.

A colleague described them as “a pleasure to have as colleagues, always going the extra mile when working and I have inspected the sites this week myself and… I’m really pleased with their effort and commitment to the sites.”

The client said the cleaning standard in the blocks was fantastic and that “they do not miss a thing, the buildings are spotless and smell clean too.”

Thomas Hooker was nominated for his dedication to both his colleagues and our customers whilst continuing to progress delivery of energy centre improvement projects as well as maintenance and operation of our generation assets to ensure the reliable delivery of heat from our Energy Centres. He in particular has made great use of our new control and alarming systems, remote monitoring capabilities and asset management inventory tools throughout the COVID-19 period – not just during the week but also whilst on call in the evenings and weekends. This has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the game ensuring that we continue to provide essential heat services to our 5000+ residents within the community, whilst adhering to the government guidelines of social distancing. Well done Tom, you have provided reliable guidance and support, playing a vital role within the team.

Sarah Jacques  – Sarah is the Facilities Assistant at Yeadon Primary School and has been covering for the Superintendent who has been self-isolating for 14 days.  Sarah has been doing both roles to ensure the school can open for Key Worker and vulnerable children.  The standard of her work is excellent and is an asset to the Leeds 10 PFI contract.

Steve Mcleod, James Mcleod, Mick Thresh, John Hanson and Ryan Tate ­– The Pinnacle Direct Maintenance Team based in Morley have continued to deliver a maintenance service over three contracts throughout the pandemic. The team service over 300 general needs flats, 150 flats within three Extra Care Schemes and 13 schools all of which still require the team’s services throughout these difficult times. Whenever the team respond to an emergency call out they screen each tenant before entering their properties, should there be anyone living in the property showing symptoms of the Coronavirus then full disposable PPE is worn and social distancing adhered to, this unfortunately occurs on a daily basis but the job still gets done.

The team view the whole situation as very serious and are taking more precautions than ever before, but continue to provide a 24 hour call-out service and have rallied together to complete a back log of statutory PPM that has built up due to tenants self-isolating and previously not granting access to their properties. Due to the trust within the team and the strong work ethic, Pinnacle Direct Maintenance has continued to provide an excellent service.

Derek Gibbs was nominated for his technical expertise whilst completing essential boiler maintenance and responding to recent Energy Centre breakdowns, including one in particular last month, which supplies heat and hot water to 1000+ residents. A local electrical failure knocked off the entire plant and Derek successfully and safely completed a full reset of the boilers, pumps and other equipment during his on-call weekend shift to ensure full restoration of heat with minimal disruption. He has adapted well to the new COVID-19 safety control measures and approved procedures, ensuring that we can continue servicing energy centres across London and the South East, whilst adhering to the government guidelines of social distancing with high regard for personal and public safety.

Extra Milers – 7th May

Bobby Cavanagh  – Whilst undertaking the additional disinfecting works in the care homes over the weekend he noticed an elderly lady in distress. Bobby enquired about her welfare asked and if he could help. It became clear that she could not get into her flat as her key would not turn. Bobby offered to help her and discovered the actual lock had broken. Bobby contacted her neighbour as she was very tearful and a little confused and proceeded to contact the scheme manager, who advised that they would fix the issue that day. Bobby sat with the resident calming her until she got back into her flat some 2 hours later.

Julie Impey ­– Since the pandemic lockdown Julie has worked at the front line, in the office every day from 9-5, providing business-as-usual services to her residents. Julie has kept all of her tenant checks going and made the social distancing changes required in the sheltered unit as easy as possible to help keep the residents safe, calm and feeling  at home during this strange time.

Dan Wainwright – For the past 2 weeks Dan has been the only person out of a team of four that has been working. He has been tending the grounds at three of our Extra Care sites.

He’s also had to contend with both Grounds vehicles breaking down, at the same time!

He’s coped brilliantly with the current COVID-19 situation adopting new ways of working enthusiastically, with nothing being too much trouble for him. He’s risen to the challenge and is delivering excellent work.

Amy Mills Nominated by one of her supervisors, Amy has led by example in these particularly testing times. She is described as always being there for her teams with help and support. She is more than happy to get stuck in to a COVID-19 clean with the team and keeps everyone updated and makes them feel valued, as well as never forgetting to thank them for their hard work.

Christina Lee – Christina has come from strength to strength over the past year since having started with Pinnacle Power in May 2019. She has delivered a number of innovative, industry leading projects focussed on monitoring performance within the Operations team which in turn aids reporting to Pinnacle Power’s growing Client base. The team all give Christina their nomination as someone who has gone the extra mile during these challenging times as she has done an incredible job of balancing a much busier life at home whilst keeping under control her day to day work responsibilities as well as finalising our new HIU Service Tracking tool. Well done!

Nathan Hill – One of our cleaning operatives on Stonewater was the subject of an email from the client this week singing his praises. The client said: “just wanted to let you all know what an excellent job Nathan is doing for us at Jonathan’s Court, he has kept on top of the everyday at the scheme for us and has ensured all the communal areas are spotless. We cannot praise him enough for all the effort and hard work he is putting in, and the fact that he is always happy.”

Kieran Causer and Daniel Jeffrey– During this COVID-19 crisis some of the sites we provide cleaning services to in Basildon have been closed, so there is no need for them to be cleaned. As a result, the client asked if we could assist them with their refuse collection teams by cleaning and sanitising the cab areas of their 400-strong fleet of refuse trucks on a rota system, ensuring all trucks are done at least weekly. These two operatives volunteered to do this instead of their normal work and have changed their working hours to suit the client’s needs. They are working incredibly hard in a challenging environment, including giving up their Bank Holiday Friday, but their work is allowing the council’s refuge teams to operate safely.

The client said of Kieran and Daniel’s efforts: “Please pass my thanks onto your colleagues who are currently undertaking work at Barleylands – they are doing a great job and we really appreciate what they are doing to support our teams at this time.”


Nathan Clare – Nathan, Contract Manager on the Blue Light Contract has gone above and beyond to ensure his staff are safe at all times and working to our updated risk assessments. His team describe Nathan as having been very supportive over the last two months, always making time to ensure team members are doing okay.


John Gambrill, Shaun Mulligan, Hitten Thakkar, Robert Lampey and Chi Uzochukwu Throughout the Lockdown Period, the North London Schools Site Team have risen to the challenge.  They have managed their staff teams, added value in carrying out works outside the formal PFI Contract to ensure excellence in service delivery. Whilst they have faced personal challenges, as well as staff who have sadly lost loved ones to Covid-19, the above people have showed resilience and dedication to Pinnacle.

They have attended daily calls, discussed challenges and solutions, sharing best practice with each-other.  They have managed their own teams, motivating their staff to continue providing excellent service to exceed the client KPI’s.


Over and above their daily work in ensuring Schools are safe and open for vulnerable children and staff, they have also managed external contractors to ensure works are undertaken in a safe manner according to Government guidance on Social Distancing. 

Each person has received positive feedback from the client, local authority and Head Teacher of each school.  This is a credit to Pinnacle. They have also done all this with a sense of humour and smile. Contract Manager, Nicky Tredger has said how proud she is to have such a committed team and how evident it is they have gone above and beyond during this time. 

Amana Ali and Cath Walker  – Amana and Cath are our front line helpdesk operators in Morley Office, Leeds and have been working over and above their normal remit to cover for staff who are self-isolating and the day to day additional admin created whilst still maintaining social distancing. 

They are picking up the extra workload created by the Covid-19 outbreak which is creating many more helpdesk calls for deep cleans across our contracts.

Although they are set up to work from home, they take it in turns to travel into the office once or twice a week to deal with invoices, print and ensure post is dealt with and directed to the people concerned. They also open and close the office and deal with deliveries.

To cover absent staff and the additional helpdesk admin workload, they are often working additional hours in the evening and even during the weekend to ensure that nothing is missed and that all outstanding issues are addressed. All this whilst also dealing with answering the very busy helpdesk calls coming through.

Without these two doing what they are doing, this part of the business would come to a standstill and, because they are dealing with things that impact the business but not necessarily individuals, staff may not be aware of what these two are doing in the background and how hard they are working. 


A colleague said: “They are so worthy of an extra milers nomination. I am proud of them both and what they are doing to maintain our service delivery.”


Kate Moorey – Kate, who works in our Blue Light services is a valued member of her team who always strives for the best. Kate has worked incredibly hard this week to ensure all police stations and employees have a new cleaning chemical that is being used to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, as well as taking on cleaning duties due to sickness.


Gillian Sherwood, Angela Ball, Laurel Sullivan Gill, Angela and Laurel work at Hessle Police Station, providing cleaning services which are allowing the station to operate safely. The team were described by the client as being “brilliant[…]always friendly, polite and go above and beyond when it comes to helping people and doing their job. Nothing is too much trouble for them.”


The client added: “In the challenging times we find ourselves they are having to work extra hard, especially with all of the extrawiping of contact points and specialist sprays for sanitising, but they never complain, they just get on with the job at hand which must be particularly difficult here with it being a 24 hr station.” 

Extra Milers – 1st May

Joao Jardim Arraiol – Although Joao is only required to attend each of his 9 buildings once per week, he is currently attending all buildings daily to ensure he disinfects the main touch points. He has also attended another scheme to assist the bulk operative on two occasions over the past 10 days. Joao has undertaken deep cleaning of floors to improve the appearance and receives regularly messages of thanks directly from residents. Joao will go out of his way to assist if he can and his response is always where and what time. Joao was described as “A true gent and an asset to the Pinnacle family.”



The Clough Road Team, comprising Amy Carter, Deborah Walker, Ann Seaton, Tim Bradford, Gail Tozer, Mercedes Jones and Kathleen Mcwatt – Clough Road have been receiving many compliments from Custody about the great job they are doing to ensure the site is being kept at a high standard. The team have worked overtime to do COVID-19 deep cleans and have ensured that custody has been running as smoothly as possible. They have worked together as a team to keep the police safe within the station by cleaning all of the high-risk areas and touch points going above and beyond for the client and the company.


Sam Harris – Sam has had a very difficult task of cleaning various areas and floors due to staff absences at Scarborough Police Station. Sam has been rushed off her feet and although we have had some issues on this site Sam has gone all out to try and ensure these problems have been rectified. Sam has also been helping out with Custody cover during the weekend, ensuring that the client is receiving the best service possible.

Lewis Freitas – A resident got in touch this week to express her appreciation for the excellent cleaning service provided by Lewis. The resident has lived on the estate for 45 years and described Lewis as one of the best cleaners they have ever had. The resident was especially grateful for the help Lewis provides to her mother, helping her with her shopping and always being happy to help in any way he can.


Jason Jones, Adrian Przybylski, Krztsztof Kuster, Adam Connor and Mick Gormley  – the team on the Clacton PFI contract have all taken a pro-active approach with a plan of getting the external areas of the school looking their best.  Tasks have included jet washing, refurbishing external furniture, cleaning and tidying, painting and even litter picking on the flat roofs.  Their hard work has made an amazing difference to the appearance of the school grounds and we are sure the school will be extremely proud of the rejuvenated premises they will be returning to, all thanks to the site teams dedication to their work.  Well done to the team!


Stuart Waters – Stuart has joined Pinnacle on a fixed term contract and has been helping us with Custody cover due to staff absences. Stuart stepped in a short notice and although training was required he picked it up instantly. He has been helping out with deep cleans, which has took some of the workload off our reactive cleaners and has also been helping out with Custody cover during the weekends, ensuring that the client is receiving the service which they require.


June Abeysekera – June is a cleaner at the Lea Valley Academy. Over the last two weeks she has really impressed her managers with the standard of cleaning in the classrooms and offices at the school. Her manager said “She comes in every morning with a smile and positive attitude which is not always easy during these challenging times and gets on with her work which is always to a high standard. She is a great asset to the team.”

Violet Legrice & Holly McDougall – Late last Friday on one of Holly’s check-in calls to residents she found that an elderly resident did not have any essentials to get him through the weekend.  She contacted the housing office and Violet, one of our Housing Managers went shopping and brought him what he needed.


Wahab Balarabe and Kenneth Cottrell – have been helping elderly vulnerable residents in Ethelred Towers, Lambeth North, providing them with essential food items. Waham and Kenneth have been going shopping for their residents in their time off and bringing items to work and delivering them to their door. 


Amy Mills – was nominated by one of her staff members. She was described as having “gone above and beyond to not only in support of us, but also by getting the jobs done alongside us… From baking us cakes and checking in with her staff members regularly to make sure we are all ok, she is truly a manager in a million.”


Stuart Mills – Stuart has spent the past week working on site at Scarborough Police Station. He has been providing training, staff inductions, putting work schedules together and helping to clean the site due to staff absences. Although we have had some issues on this site Stuart has gone all out to ensure these problems have been resolved and that the client is happy. Stuart has also been helping with custody cover during the weekends, ensuring that the client is receiving the service which they require.

Extra Milers – 24th April

Ben Lee – For consistent attendance seven days a week including additional hours each day. Ben goes out of his way to ensure the care schemes are disinfected and clean assisting the care operatives on sites and ensuring bin room cleaner is undertaken on schemes that were in a very poor condition due to the residents not following waste disposal process.

Sharon Cole – A supervisor at Northwick Park Scheme, who adopts a flexible and adaptable approach to daily challenges due to it being a key worker scheme, mainly for NHS staff. After completing her 10 hour shift she then attends the Hospital and volunteers for two hours, three evenings a week.

Peter Nzeh – for delivering Easter Eggs to all five schools across the North London Schools Contract for vulnerable children and key workers in the school. Peter’s delivery brought a smile to the children and positive feedback and thanks was given by Head Teachers and the Local Authority.

Sophia Howard Throughout the lockdown, Sophia has been helping to ensure critical business activity can continue by going into the Law Building, Pinnacle’s Office in Chelmsford, every day to collect and open all post, which she then scans and distributes for each central services department.

Filipe Antunes & Marcio Pereira – normally our specialist team, however in the current situation, they are both undertaking disinfecting cleans and showing flexibility and a very supportive approach to the management team including safely entering residents property in care homes changing light bulbs.

Antonio Fernandes – for doing an excellent job looking after his Westbourne Park Estate area and helping with extra work including fly tipping requests.

Bill Ryder – for checking on residents and picking up shopping for them in his lunch break. Bill is also doing extra cleaning for The older residents at Canning Town and helping clean the communal areas, going over and above what he is paid for to make sure everyone is safe. Bill has been a great team member for going  above and beyond in this time of lock down.

Laveen Francis – has been a top performer in debt assessment over the last couple of weeks! Not only by volume of queries dealt with but also by standardisation of templates and repayment plans. This task is a really sensitive subject for our customers and takes a special kind to assess, review and discuss with our customers the best approach to provide the right advise and empathise with the difficult times some of our residents are going through.

Kate Moorey, Pete Moulds, Nicola Hall, Faye Thompson, Leah Thompson, Amy Carter & Kathleen McWatt – This team have worked incredibly hard throughout this week, carrying out an additional 4 deep clean requests and a large amount of reactive custody cell cleans. The team always help to do the deep cleans regardless of whether they go over their working time. They are committed and reliable, and we have had many client compliments about their hard work and what an excellent job they do.


Yana Ilieva – has been attending work every day since the Lockdown and has a ‘can-do attitude’.  Yana has willingly taken on three more sections to clean over and above her day-janitor job to cover for staff that have been identified as vulnerable.  Yana is a cheerful member of the team and never complains, despite being asked to do more than her required tasks. 

Yeliz Yusuf has been a key player in sharing processes with the rest of the team in how we manage payments across our different platforms; at a time where every payment needs, more than ever, to be tracked and correctly confirmed to our customers, Yeliz has taken the time to detail and share a task that was carried out normally by herself. As a result, now the rest of the team is able to respond our customers queries faster and more efficiently.

Mustafa Omar – has stepped up to cover for the Cleaning Supervisor who sadly lost her Father to COVID-19 and is currently off work due to being identified as vulnerable. 

Mustafa is not only doing his job, but taking on extraresponsibilities by supervising the cleaning team and checking classrooms and toilets for final sign-off.

Jason Lawler has been working extremely hard, covering issues with his School, signing in and walking around with contractors, checking in on the cleaners and assisting them whilst also carrying out helpdesk jobs.

He has carried out high-level repair works on a tower replacing an old damaged frames in the Sports Hall and sanding and painting over damaged parts of the wall. He has also kept colleagues well informed with daily updates and photos of everything happening on site.

He is also coming in this weekend to ensure planned works are carried out and is always willing to do extrawhen required.

Graham Hobron Graham’s customers have been incredibly pleased with his work and expressed their gratitude to him and the team.

We received a call from the client asking for an urgent carpet clean as someone had urinated on the stairs and the elderly residents were upset. This is one of Graham’s schemes and he has built a good relationship with the tenants and so attended first thing the next morning to clean the carpets and ensure everything was up to standard for the residents.

Denise Thackray Cook in Charge at Horsforth St Margaret’s Primary School, Denise gave up her Easter holiday and came to the school to help with the making and baking for the packed lunches which were being put together at her kitchen and distributed around the schools in Leeds.

Nicky Tredger – Nicky motivates her team with encouragement and positivity, particularly in these unprecedented times. Her compassion for her staff and always being there for support is priceless.

A colleague said: “Pinnacle should be very proud of her, we certainly are.”

Morgan Miller and Christina Lee –  who have taken ownership to redefine and collaborate the reporting of our HIU servicing; both have independently done an outstanding work and developed a results driven relationship to maximise efficiency in our services and develop trackers that show our position and effectivity in servicing units, one of our core services especially over this lockdown, ensuring Pinnacle Power still gets the job done even over difficult times.

Antonica Asabea – has been working extended hours each day including weekends since 23rd March on disinfecting works across the scheme she looks after.

Vera Fernandes – for looking after the Little Venice area and covering staff that are absent, in addition to carrying out annual deep cleaning in her area to ensure that the high standards in are maintained.

Bill Ryder – for checking on residents and picking up shopping for them in his lunch break. Bill is also doing extra cleaning for The older residents at canning Town and helping clean the communal areas, going over and above what he is paid for to make sure everyone is safe .Bill has been a great team member for going  above and beyond in this time of lock down.

Extra Milers – 17th April

The Clacton PFI team and the Pinnacle Direct Maintenance team, who have over the last few weeks been supporting Essex County Council with a project to send food parcels out to the homes of 10,000 vulnerable families in Essex. Staff have been collecting hospitality items from local wholesalers and taking it to where they are running the project from about 30 miles away.  Our site teams have also lent out porterage equipment to assist ECC with moving items that are being delivered.  Another part of the project is delivering PPE to local care homes.  Our staff have also been assisting with this, by collecting the PPE and taking it to their project base, ready for distribution to the care homes.

Cynthia Frye and Sam Hogan – for being highly praised by customers – both having been described as being excellent at their jobs and commended on keeping the communities they serve happier than has been seen in some time.

Diane Mason, Jackie Phillips, Lisa Bush, Rasa Rilskiene – for their role in setting up Central Bedfordshire Council’s COVID-19 body storage facility, providing a cleaning service with very little notice. The site was mobilised the same day with volunteers from a nearby site who provided a deep clean to open the site and then a regular twice daily cleaning regime.

Staff at Castle Hill School – who have worked hard to deep clean the school, and who have by all accounts done a tremendous job of ensuring the school continues to be a safe and clean environment for those still attending.

Dan Wright – Dan has continued to get to work every day using public transport to deliver home servicing and breakdown attendance of customer heat interface units on our District Heat Networks across London. He has modified his shift pattern to avoid rush hour and help maintain social distancing. Dan is working on the front line in customer homes, and is our lead servicing engineer on the Greenwich Peninsula. Dan has demonstrated great customer service skills in how to handle difficult situations with customer concerns and his professionalism in making the resident feel safe and reassured is hugely appreciated in these challenging times.

Emma Turvey – for the brilliant standard of cleaning provided, as complimented by our client. The job Emma is doing has become more difficult as more parts of the building are in use, but she has been providing a thorough clean to all on a daily basis.

Gerald Brennan – Gerald is a window cleaner who has been going above and beyond in helping out colleagues in other areas and ensuring our services continue to be delivered.

Birchin Way Team, Rachel Tallent, Faye Thompson, Leah Thompson, Amy Newton and Sue Adams – all received  compliments from the Custody Suite for doing an amazing job. They have worked together incredibly well throughout this particularly difficult period carrying out vital services including completing Covid-19 Deep Cleans.

Nicola Benison – for covering cleaning as well as her own caretaking job during the week while other members of staff are off work. Nicola’s efforts have received compliments from tenants for how hard Nicky and her team are working to keep the communal areas of the scheme clean, including additional high level cleaning areas.

Nicky has gone above and beyond her role as Caretaker and assisted with the management of ASB on the scheme in the absence of the Housing Officer, including assisting with a telephone court hearing. She has really gone the extra mile in her commitment to Pinnacle.

Nicola Higgins, Sandy Parker and Gemma Wilkinson – for all stepping forward at short notice when the Caretaker had to self-isolate, learning various new Caretaking tasks and completing them for two weeks, in addition to their own cleaning duties.

Jennie Greenwood – who is going out of her way to ensure her more vulnerable residents are staying safe and getting food. In partnership with the local mosque, she is collecting food parcels for the local community and delivering them to people in our temporary accommodation units around Woking. Several of these are families struggling to cope in smaller homes. Her food parcel deliveries have been greatly appreciated and she will continue to carry out on a weekly basis.  On top of that she is also doing a regular shop and delivery for another of her own vulnerable elderly tenants.

Louie Dyer – who has had a fantastic year all round and has undertaken new tasks outside of his usual role. He has undertaken training courses such as SSSTS to help deliver this new role’s such as HIU commissioning manager. During these challenging times that Covid 19 has brought with it Louie has been on the front line, maintaining and repairing HIUs to ensuring reliable delivery of heat to our customers to across London. He has been able to deliver these services following the additional precautions which are required to keep both our employees and residents safe. Our Health and Safety Manager completed spot checks in the week and he passed the assessment with flying colours. All the while doing this with his usual positivity and a big smile, he has been contributing to keeping the team moral high.

Joe Hepburn-May – Joe is a front line engineer working daily in residents’ homes and has been able to deliver a good standard of work whilst keeping to the social distancing guidance, and other control measures ensuring he continues to work safely. Joe’s feedback to his team leader this week, resulted in further control measures being put in place and our Customer Service team now implement a courtesy call 24hrs in advance of a planned service to ensure that residents are indeed fit and well and remind them of the precautions we have put in place to keep everyone fit and well. We are also delighted to have Joe become Pinnacle Power’s first apprentice this year, we wish him all the best with his studies and a long and successful career with Pinnacle Power.

The Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre Team – for working in challenging conditions in the health centre sector as front line staff. Sincere appreciation is deserved for their excellent work and for making the whole team proud.


Jerry Esprit Jerry is delivering front line heat critical services and breakdowns to our residents throughout London. He has had an excellent year and as Lead HIU Engineer has led by example throughout. His knowledge and technical skills are second to none, and his customer facing skills have been invaluable comforting our customers and explaining the precautions that we are taking to ensure that we are continuing to work safely, following government guidelines. Throughout the year Jerry, has helped all members of the team with sharing technical experience and being a great role model in how to carry yourself at work, always with a positive attitude.  This has been great for morale in the team especially given the challenging times we are currently facing with COVID-19.

Caroline Obrladn who has sadly lost family members to COVID-19, but has continued to keep the school she works at safe and in brilliant condition.

Helen New – who has worked incredibly hard to ensure that all Government guidelines have been taken into account and documentation and controls updated at the Clapham Park site. Helen’s work has enabled the works to progress ensuring we can continue to offer heating services to venerable residents into the next heating season.

Continuing to operate this site has obviously meant a huge amount of scrutiny both internally and externally to ensure we maintain standards and protect the work force and public. Helen has done an exemplary job and continues to get to and from site every whilst many of her colleagues have the option to work from home.


Anthony Sinclair, Bradley Clark and Deborah Kelly – for providing the cleaning service for all sheltered accommodation sites without any question asked. They have also managed to raise the cleaning standards following which we received compliments from our client.


Cruzhino Vaz – for helping to cover various Custody Suites throughout North Yorkshire due to staff shortages. Vaz has travelled across a vast area to ensure we are providing our client with custody cover during the weekends and has stepped in at short notice when we have been unable to find alternative cover.

Magdalena Dias – for helping to cover various Custody Suites throughout North Yorkshire due to staff shortages. Magdalena has travelled across a vast area to ensure we are providing our client with custody cover during the weekends and has stepped in at short notice when we have been unable to find alternative cover.

Extra Milers – 9th April

Eddie Hedges – for continuing to go in to Dudley House to carry out his duties and ensure residents are safe and comfortable throughout this period.

Vanston Hunte – for going into the Myatts Field North Community Centre to help to keep vital resident services running.

Gavin Ellington & Evaristo Vieira – for being instrumental in the successful mobilisation of our Wandsworth Contract and starting it off on excellent footing for years to come.

The Homes Finance Team – who have been going into Euston Tower to collect and distribute post for the Group.

Pinnacle Connect Team – for continuing to provide the 24/7 service often from the Law Building and for the extra work done to ensure team members working remotely have the kit needed.

Antonio Nisa and Antonio Sousa – for covering 3 or 4 cleaners jobs and for going the extra mile in helping wherever they can and working additional hours.

Isidoro Gomes – for assisting with bulk work, and diligently carrying out any tasks he is asked to undertake.

Joao Paulo Goncalves Cunha – for working additional hours and weekends for the past three weeks and undertaking additional disinfecting works.

Helena Boateng – for extending her working hours from part time to full time to deal with disinfecting tasks in care homes

Stan Peczynski – for stepping into undertake bulk clearing and disinfecting tasks without and working more hours and weekends without hesitation

Louisa Tomlinson – normally a part- time worker but is working extend full time and 7 days a week dealing with disinfecting tasks of the care homes

Sandra Pavydyte – works next a the hospital on key worker accommodation, supporting the on-site supervisor with extended hours for the past three weeks including weekends

Vaz Raposo – normally a part time worker but is working extend full-time hours, including weekends, dealing with disinfecting tasks of the care homes. He also postponed his leave to ensure his sites could continue to be disinfected.

Ramesh Raikundal – for recently starting in his role a Team Leader and going beyond the call of duty to support his residents, carrying out a multitude of tasks to ensure vulnerable residents are safe and comfortable.

Amy Mills – Amy has been out to complete multiple Covid-19 deep cleans with her staff to ensure the Police Stations are kept operational.

Isaac Shotunde – for assistance with cleaning a Care & Support Hostel, including detailed disinfection on certain areas, following reports of COVID-19 residents cases.

Fatai Bello – for his work in in Mendip House where ambulance are coming every day to take some elderly people to hospital.

Adilson Lopes and Martinho Nanque –who are doing amazing job helping collecting bulk and external cleaning, so cleaners can spend more time on disinfecting and cleaning inside the blocks.

Gerri Summers – For her committed work in answering the Government’s call to house homeless people by turning around a property in the space of a few hours to provide shelter to someone in need.

Charlotte Gilchrist and Kuljit Clay – for being instrumental in ensuring that the Group finance team have been able to maintain good service

Kate Moorey – for going above and beyond throughout the crisis. She has completed reactive covid-19 cleans, including working weekends and taken over the supervision of 25 other sites. 

Sarah Benjamin – for running the community Champions contract in Hammersmith, providing a food bank and vital contact for vulnerable residents

Pete Moulds & Nicola Hall – For working overtime every day to ensure sites are covered where people are off sick. They have done Reactive Cleans and worked additional requests of Covid-19 cleans whenever needed.

Amy Carter – for massively helping with reactive calls and for going on call to relieve pressure on the reactive team. She is also going on call this weekend for reactive and Covid-19 cleans where needed.

Kathleen Mcwatt – for doing all reactive and Covid-19 cleans during her evening shift. She has also done any overtime asked of her and carried out deep cleans of Covid-19-related properties and worked on other sites to help cover absence.

Jack Boyle – for working relentlessly on 12 hour shifts to ensure all four regions in Yorkshire are clean. He has been Key in provide a service to the Police which has allowed them to continue operationally.

Bob Waite – for working relentlessly on 12 hour shifts to ensure all four regions in Yorkshire are clean. He has been Key in provide a service to the Police which has allowed them to continue operationally.

Anthony Sinclair, Bradley Clark and Deborah Kelly – for providing a cleaning service for all sheltered accommodation sites without any questions asked while raising the standard of cleaning.

Saul Figuera, Gerald Grant, Joaquim Leites and Buaka Musuele – for covering staff sickness and for ensuring bulk collections continue to be completed, at a time when the volume of bulk is increased while most residents are home. Due to social distancing, this task which is usually carried out in teams is completed solo.

Clive Wynter – for always doing extra to keep his residents safe, checking in on the vulnerable residents and for stepping up to do everything asked of him.

Adam Browne – For collecting plants from a local garden centre which would otherwise be going to waste and delivering them to residents in a sheltered scheme, providing them with an opportunity for some exercise and fresh air by tending to their newly planted flower boxes.

Andra Stoicanescu – for covering important work at a Keyworker site and for stepping in clean flats affected with COVID 19 without complaint.

Brockley Housing Management Team –for reaching out to vulnerable residents, and providing support and an important point of contact for them.

Frankie Steele –  for their work in a Care & Support Hostel, including completion of a detailed disinfection on certain areas, following reports of COVID-19 residents cases.

Diogo Florencio – for providing vital cover while other members of the team were absent.

Michael Blake  – for carrying out his duties alone, following his a colleague’s need to book emergency Leave – work which has received praise from the client.

Andrew Lea – for attending to a block to provide a detailed disinfection following concerns of COVID-19 cases.

Fabio Fiqueli – for working by himself for a week in March, including carrying out visits to Care & Support Hostels and Retirement Living properties.

Jason Papworth – for working relentlessly on 12 hour shifts to ensure all four regions in Yorkshire are clean. He has been Key in provide a service to the Police which has allowed them to continue operationally.

Stuart Mills – for helping out on Covid-19 and reactive cleans when required. The number of reactive cleans which have increased of the last 4 weeks has meant Stuart helping us clean to ensure cells are back running.

Thomas Kiely, Lee Fields, Alan Ashleford, Kieron Nestor, Vince O Rourke Fuller have gone out of the way to cover staff shortages, cover extra duties on sheltered schemes, put posters up around the borough and cleaned infected areas. They have been really helpful and we don’t need to ask any of them twice to do anything they just get on with it and taken a lot of pressure off the managers.